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Your life as a Movie // Directr App + Invision + Type n Walk

https://soundcloud.com/dreampushers/your-life-as-a-movie-directr Ever run into someone that was totally engrossed in their phone? Had the head down and was obviously sending some type of message - oblivious to the rest of the world (yes, I have been guilty of doing this myself at times).

Type n Walk solves this problem for you by bringing up your camera while you walk, now you can see what is ahead of you - while you text or tweet.


Directr helps you turn the videos you shoot on your iPhone into professional movies, allowing you to add titles, music, and bring several clips together to make a mini movie based on your life. If you are stuck for ideas you even have the opportunity to play with the storyboards they have kindly included to help get you started. This application really is a nice touch for anyone shooting quite a bit of video on their phone.


Lastly,Invision App is a beautiful web application that allows anyone with a little photoshop knowledge to create a world-class prototype for their web or mobile application. Until now graphic designers were stuck using low fidelity wireframing tools made of circles, squares and lines to show the positioning of graphics inn an application and while this serviced its purpose interms of testing functionality it really did not showcase the look and feel.

Now with Invision not only can you ensure that everything is in the right place before you develop but also create something that can really bring the concept to life with full color clickable graphics. Definitely worth checking out if you are about to invest in building an application or a complex website.


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