Pioneering Robotics with a Touch of Magic

Pioneering Robotics with a Touch of Magic

by Chris Joannou

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Paris at 4 rue de la Bourse, a revolutionary company named Enchanted Tools is transforming the face of robotics. Founded by Jérôme Monceaux, a seasoned expert in robotics and the lead designer of Nao and Pepper, this innovative venture is not just about technology; it's about reimagining the future of human-robot interaction.

A Visionary Approach to Robotics

At Enchanted Tools, the mission is clear: to bring modern logistics into social environments through robotics. Their creations are not just machines but characters, blending the creativity of animated film experts with the industrial design acumen. This unique approach is evident in their leading robot, Mirokaï, which is designed to enhance care in hospitals by taking over tasks like carrying and moving equipment, allowing nurses to focus on patient care​​.

Expanding Horizons

The company's robots have found applications in various sectors, from hospitals and clinics to nursing homes, providing joyful companionship for elderly care. Their footprint extends to hotels, offering efficient hospitality assistance, and to food courts and restaurants, enhancing customer service and dining experiences. Moreover, Enchanted Tools' robots are making waves in airports with their reliable navigation and guiding capabilities, and in malls, they add convenience with seamless mobility. The company also adds a touch of enchantment in professional fairs and salons​​.

Making a Mark on the Global Stage

Enchanted Tools has made its presence felt in the international arena. Their robots, Miroki and Miroka, have captivated audiences at events like RoboCup, the world's largest robotics and artificial intelligence competition, held in July 2023​​, and VivaTech in Paris, where they mesmerized 15,000 visitors in June 2023​​.

The Future of Robotics

Under the leadership of Jérôme Monceaux and a team of international experts and dreamers, Enchanted Tools is poised to create the next generation of robotic characters. Their vision extends beyond mere functionality, aiming to transform the way we perceive robots, making them not just tools but partners in our daily lives​​​​.

Enchanted Tools stands at the forefront of a new era in robotics, one where machines become integral, empathetic parts of our social fabric. From the heart of Paris, they're not just engineering robots; they're crafting the future, one enchanting robot at a time.

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